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To Take a Big or To Not Take a Big: Don’t Feel Pressured

One of the most amazing parts of Gamma Sig is the ability to not take a big or a little. Yes, you don’t have to take a big or a little in Gamma Sig. This extra freedom with my decisions and the ability to make the choice that would be right for me was one of the many reasons why I first joined Gamma Sig.

When I joined Gamma Sig, I didn’t want to be in the “stereotypical” sorority. Gamma Sig is similar to other sororities, but has so many unique aspects that made me love GSS from the start. We are a sorority filled with supportive people who do service and spread good in the world, and we have our own unique recruitment process. Everyone is welcome, and all you have to do to get started is sign up over a Google form. That’s the best thing ever for me.

At first when I joined Gamma Sig, I did not want to take a big. I didn’t feel right for me, and at first I didn’t see the point in it. As I met more people in Gamma Sig, I started talking to people and I began to want to take a big.

In order to take a big, you have to complete 7 “penguin points,” which are different ways of making sure you are involved with GSS. Throughout the MIT process, I did those 7 things almost naturally. A great part about Gamma Sig is that everyone is so supportive. If you go to anyone in Gamma Sig and say you need help finishing your penguin points, I promise you that they will help you.

Having a big can be a great thing. Some people get close with their big and that person becomes their best friend in Gamma Sig. This is a great thing to see because it shows that Gamma Sig has the power to bring these people together in a unique way.

However, you don’t need to take a big to find that best friend in Gamma Sig. I know so many people who didn’t take a big and have found their best friends in Gamma Sig. If you don’t want a big, that is totally fine. You don’t need a big in Gamma Sig to make friends within the sorority. As I’ve stated previously, a great part about Gamma Sig is that it is filled with supportive people. Nobody will judge you if you decide against taking a big or if you decide to take a big. Everyone wants what is best for each other!

You’re the only person who knows what’s best for you. You’re the only person who knows the extent of your schedule, whether it’s filled with 17 credits and a lot of clubs, or you have a part-time job with a full course load with minimal spare time. Anything and everything is understandable, so please do what’s best for you.

Don’t ever feel pressured to take a big just because taking a big is the “norm” in Gamma Sig. A lot of people do it, but a good amount of people don’t take a big. It’s not uncommon and there are so many opportunities to make friends beyond the big-little portion of Gamma Sig. My big didn’t take a big, she had a ton of friends in Gamma Sig, and she started her own family (we’re the FBH fam).

That’s a beautiful aspect to Gamma Sig: you have the ability to start your own family if you don’t want to take a big, but you eventually want to take a little (which you don’t have to do either). I know so many people who started their own families, and it’s cool to do that. When my big and I started our own family we created a lot of fun traditions that were unique to us. Our name came from a tradition that I wanted to start because it meant something to us.

To take a big, to not take a big, whatever you decide to do is perfectly fine. You know yourself best, and you should do whatever makes you the happiest.

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