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Financial Information

Important Fall 2023 Dates for Members & MITs: (details on each to follow!)

  • Member National Dues Deadline ($90): 10/25/23 at 5 PM!

  • Member Chapter Dues Deadline ($70): 12/15/23 at 5 PM!

  • MIT Dues Deadline ($150): 12/11/23 at 5 PM!



Both Active and Inactive Members: $90


Active Members: $70

Inactive Members: $0



National & Chapter Dues: $150

How to Pay for Dues Fall 2023:

Payment Plans:


Some Notes

  • If you have any issues or questions please contact Lauren (Financial Secretary) or Lily (Treasurer).  

  • Members are required to pay for any fee charged to the sorority by the bank if the check bounces for any reason.

Our Financial Rules (SR = Standing Rules)

  • All payments are due by or on the financial deadline. If all payments have not been paid by this date, you will be placed on probation for the following semester. If already on financial probation and have not paid outstanding amounts by the set due date by the treasurer, then the member will have the option of resigning from the sorority of the member will be up for expulsion by a 2/3 vote of the chapter. (SR)

  • If agreed to pay for any clothing, merchandise, or event, that member needs to submit payment before receiving the item or attending the event. (SR)

  • If a member signs up on a final/definite sheet, the member is obligated to pay whether the member attends the event or not. (BL)

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