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A Very Gamma Weekend!

This past weekend was a Gamma Sig weekend! There were important Gamma events from Friday all the way until Sunday. It was so much fun.

Starting off with Friday night! It was Fall Ball. The theme was Masquerade and it happened at The Waterfall. The venue was beautiful and created room for the best pictures. I loved taking pictures and loved seeing all of the posts on Instagram.

The food at Fall Ball was delicious having options for everyone. The music was amazing, and everyone danced to it! After a little bit of dancing, everyone who won White Rose or a Superlative was announced. Congrats to everyone who won! Sister of the Semester was announced, and Amy Elbogen is this semester’s Sister of the Semester. Congrats Amy! You truly did amazing work with Curvy Girls.

Overall, Holly did a great job with planning Fall Ball!

Saturday was the District Director’s Meeting. It was a lot of fun. We all got to know each other a little bit through the m & m icebreaker and by talking to each other. Beyond that we learned about what we can do as a sorority on a national level. This was cool to learn about.

Elections were Sunday! Congrats to everyone to who won. All of you will do great.

That’s it for this week’s Beta Blog Post! I hope everyone has a fun Thanksgiving break.

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