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Being Thankful for Family, Friends, and Gamma Sig

The leaves are changing, the air is getting colder, and it’s November. It’s getting closer to Thanksgiving and I love this time of year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday not only for the food, but because of everything it’s about. Also, my extended family is hysterical, unless there’s a wedding it’s the only time we get to see each other so it’s always a great time.

I am thankful for a lot this year. 2019 has been a real ride and a lot has happened. So much has changed since starting 2019, but even with all of the chaos I still have a lot to be grateful for.

First and foremost, I am grateful for my family. Ever since being in college, I’ve had this urge to explore everything, my interests, the world, and they’ve embraced that. It’s because of them that I get to go to Australia for study abroad. Not only that, but I’ve been able to find this new passion in writing and explore that. When I told my parents that I was going to launch my own blog, my parents supported me entirely and admired that I was forging this new path for myself. They’ve given me guidance. This year I’ve gotten closer to all of my siblings and it so cool. I’ve always admired them, but now that we’re all adults I am able to go to them for advice on my career and other aspects of my life. It’s neat to be able to relate to them on stuff. I may hundreds of miles from them, but I know that they have my back no matter where we are. I am so grateful to have that support.

I am equally grateful for my friends. Anyone that knows me well can agree to this, but I highly value friendship. My friends mean the world to me and I don’t know what I would do without them. In 2019, my friends have been my support system while I am at school. All of the late nights talking, messing around, creating memories that I will never forget. I truly have the greatest group of friends in the world. All of the times they’ve given me free food, given me advice, provided support, given me hugs (really good hugs), provided me comfort, and so much more. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for these people and I adore every single one of my friends. All of my friends deserve only good things to happen to them because all of them are that special. I am so grateful for them. My friends are like my family when I am not home and I am lucky to have these bonds.

Last, but definitely not least, I am so thankful for Gamma Sig. I’ve been able to meet a lot of special people in Gamma Sig. As well as do some cool things that not everyone gets to do while they’re in college. Who gets to bond with people while doing service? We all do because we’re in this sorority building friendships while doing service. Gamma Sig has given me a network of people all around campus. That makes this large campus feel small and homey, and I love that. Gamma Sig has also opened my eyes to wanting to do more work with nonprofits. I’ve found another passion through this organization and it has opened up my eyes to a lot of different paths, which is so cool. I am so thankful for that and Gamma Sig is so great for that reason and many others.

Clearly, I have a lot to be thankful for. Tis the season to share that gratitude. Until next week!

My brother and I with my cousins at Thanksgiving!

Gamma Love,

Katie DeBois

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