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Each semester, our chapter votes to select a new philanthropy for the upcoming term. For Spring 2024, we have chosen to work with atTACk addiction.


atTACk addiction's mission is to raise awareness for addiction by educating communities, supporting families, assisting those in recovery, and removing the stigma around addiction in Delaware.


By speaking to schools, prisons, and any group that may be interested, atTACk addiction aims to educate the community to drive changes to existing drug policies. 

This nonprofit organization was created in honor of Tyler Armstrong Keister, a young man who passed due to an accidental overdose. The goal of atTACk addiction is to prevent similar deaths by educating younger people on the dangers of drugs and alcohol while also protecting their families from facing the pain of someone they love dealing with addiction.

If you have any questions about fundraising or how you can help, reach out to Lauren anytime at

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