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PPU Is The Best Project Ever

Hands down, PPU is my favorite project. It’s a project that if I could do all of the time, I would. I love PPU for so many reasons and I believe it’s the best project.

First, the timing is sort of ideal for me. I know that may seem odd because the project runs from 10-2 on Fridays and Saturdays, but that is the perfect time for me to go on a project. Not only, will I not be doing homework at that time, but I typically don’t have anything going on that time. It’s a great way to make the most out of my limited time. On the weekends, I am usually up super late anyways so doing service and helping out sisters get to their destinations safely adds more to the reason why I love the project so much.

Tying into that note, the project is all about helping Gamma Sig Sisters get to their desired destination safely. It’s about ensuring that these people are safe and giving them that peace of mind. If I can help give sisters that peace of mind by simply offering four hours of my night once a weekend every now and then, then I will gladly do that.

A big bonus for me doing the project is that PPU enables me to get to know sisters better who I might not know that well. I genuinely love getting to know people and it can be to get to know people while managing busy schedules. PPU is a simple way that introduces me to more sisters who I may not have gotten the chance to run into and can give me a 5 minute conversation with them. Getting to know more people is fun and it makes the 4 hours go way faster.

Finally, I love PPU because I love driving. Driving is something that calms me down and helps me channel my thoughts. PPU gives me the excuse to drive around and channel my inner thoughts. Driving is therapeutic for me and it’s fun! It’s a rare occurrence when there’s something that combines 2 things that you love so much. PPU does just that by combining my love of service and driving.

With PPU I get the best of everything! It’s truly an amazing project that I am so glad I got to do a lot of over this semester.

Katie DeBois

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