Executive Board and Officers
Fall 2022

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Kylie Kenney (she/her)


Interpersonal Communication Major
Fun Fact: I graduated high school at 16. I did my freshman year of college at University of Arizona before transferring to University of Delaware.

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Lauren Delaney (she/her)

Service Vice President

Junior Pre Law Track, Sociology Major, Spanish and Legal Studies Minor
Fun Fact:I am bilingual!

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Caitlyn May (she/her)

Service Auditor

Senior Biological Sciences major
Fun Fact: I am hoping to volunteer abroad sometime next summer!

IMG_5998 - Membership Beta Gamma.HEIC

Maya Patel (she/her)

Membership VP

Junior Cognitive Science and Communication Majors and Disability Studies and Advertising Minors
Fun Fact: I'm the fourth person in my family to go to UD and I love chai lattes!

06B763D1-1009-470E-8580-4C688B813AFE - Keara Hubbard.jpeg

Keara Hubbard (she/her)

MIT Coordinator

Sophomore fashion merchandising major with applied voice minor
Fun Fact: I love the beach and traveling

IMG-1284 (1).jpg

Sam Baum (she/her)

PR Coordinator

Junior Nutrition & Dietetics Major
Fun Fact:  I interned abroad this past summer!

AC6F48F7-2B5B-4D13-85FA-992232CD210E - Unity Chair Beta Gamma (1).jpeg

Caitlyn West (she/her)

Unity Chair

Senior Psychology and Criminal Justice majors
Fun Fact: I’m a transfer student 

693FB65D-55B5-4432-97E5-F879B6AA745A - Anna Riehl.jpeg

Anna Riehl (they/them)

Social Chair

Senior Interpersonal Communication and Sociology Majors 
Fun Fact: I play on the club rugby team.

IMG_4228[2474] - Caila Miles.jpg

Caila Miles (any)

Financial Secretary

Senior Psychology & Sociology majors, Anthropology minor

Fun Fact: I am the second eldest of 8 siblings

4DA9ED28-EB3B-4AD5-B42E-B80ED482573C - Lily Gao.jpeg

Lily Gao (she/her)


Senior Accounting Major and Computer Science Minor
Fun Fact: My favorite color is purple and I can speak 3 different languages!

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Madison Saylor

Alumni Liason

Senior Psychology major and Business Administration minor

Fun Fact: I am a professional nanny specializing in infant care!

Sophomore Occupational Therapy major, 
Fun Fact: I work at build a bear!

IMG_20220311_161114 - Harper Caporale.jpg

Harper Caporale (she/her)

National Representative

Sophomore Occupational Therapy major, 
Fun Fact: I work at build a bear!

Me again - Kayla The Tulip Hippie (1).jpg

Kayla Bradham (she/her)


Junior Elementary Ed., Special Ed. major
Fun Fact: I have 5 pet birds!

54973F9B-27DA-40F1-A464-ED28E3C9BADB - Emma Okonowicz (1).jpeg

Emma Okonowicz (she/her)

Corresponding Secretary

Sophomore Nursing

Fun Fact: I am the only person in my family who has red hair!

IMG_3130 - Lilli Dookram.JPG

Lilli Dookram (she/her)

Recording Secretary

Senior Early Childhood Education and Special Education majors and Disability Studies minor
Fun Fact: My nails can not match when I get them done.

D84853C4-C792-4C82-926A-D2696526B1AB - unknown little.jpeg

Gia Reilly (she/her)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Major: Medical Diagnostics Pre-Med Minor: Global Health
Fun Fact: I am a PharmTech and I love to read

PRESIDENT: Kylie Kenney - gss.de.president@gmail.com
SERVICE VP: Lauren Delaney - gss.de.service@gmail.com
SERVICE AUDITOR: Caitlyn May - gss.de.service@gmail.com
MEMBERSHIP VP: Maya Patel - gss.de.membership@gmail.com 
MIT COORDINATOR: Keara Hubbard - gss.de.membership@gmail.com 
PR COORDINATOR: Sam Baum- gss.de.publicrelations@gmail.com
UNITY CHAIR: Caitlyn West - gss.de.unity@gmail.com
SOCIAL COORDINATOR: Anna Riehl - gss.de.social@gmail.com
FINANCIAL SECRETARY: Caila Miles - gss.de.financialsec@gmail.com
TREASURER: Lily Gao - gss.de.treasurer@gmail.com
ALUMNI LIAISON: Madison Saylor - gss.de.aalumni@gmail.com
NATIONAL REP: Harper Caporale - gss.de.nationalrep@gmail.com
PARLIAMENTARIAN: - Kayla Bradham - gss.de.parliamentarian@gmail.com
CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Emma Okonowicz - gss.de.correspondingsec@gmail.com
RECORDING SECRETARY: Lilli Dookram - gss.de.recordingsec@gmail.com
 Gia Reilly - gss.de.deiofficer@gmail.com