Executive Board and Officers
Fall 2021

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Lexi Franchi


Senior Psychology & Congitive Science Major, Women & Gender Studies Minor
Fun Fact: Studies abroad in Japan in Winter 2020, certified scuba diver for 10 years


Amanda Radick

Service Vice President

Junior Nursing Major, Disabilities Studies Minor
Fun Fact: Loves Grey's Anatomy, worked at camp for 6 summers


Grace Birmingham

Service Auditor

Senior Health Behavior Science Major
Public Health & Cognitive Science minor
Fun Fact: Loves the color orange, has 2 dogs and has swam with sharks!

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Gia Reilly

Membership VP

Junior medical diagnostics major, global health minor
Fun Fact: she is a capricorn and a world scholar!

C7967A9E-5D61-4CD0-BAF0-D42582F765E7 - Kayla Eichelberger.jpeg

Kayla Eichelberger

MIT Coordinator

Sophomore Exercise Science major
Fun Fact: She's taken a tour of the White House


Kaitlin Sukhai

PR Coordinator

Senior Elementary Education Major, Middle School Math concentration
Fun Fact: She takes a yearly road trip to Kansas, I am obsessed with coffee, especially Brew Ha Ha 

27F4B336-AE85-438F-AE60-B77EF07EDC51 - Caitlin Velez.jpeg

Caitlin Velez

Unity Chair

Senior International relations major, international business studies, politics & social justice, history minor
Fun Fact: studied abroad to Italy and has been to 9 other countries!

GSS rose logo.png 2016-1-6-22:56:36

Jennifer Michaels

Social Chair


64C22A21-1974-4350-8581-BCBEC97A07E0 - Evelyn Welsh.jpeg

Evelyn Welsh

Financial Secretary

Senior Applied Math, Actuarial Science, and  Economics Major, Computer Science and Statistics Minor

Fun Fact: She runs an instagram for her cat, and she collects rubber ducks!

IMG_0069 - GSS Treasurer.jpg

Grace Cords


Senior Interpersonal Communications Major
Fun Fact: She's never broken a bone and has lived in Newark, DE her entire life!

IMG_7071 - Gamma Sigma Sigma Beta Gamma Alumni.HEIC

Liz Donnelly

Alumni Liason

Senior Marketing major, Interactive Media minor
Fun Fact: She can read & write in Italian, She loves Halloween so much that she has a list of costumes going year round to update

national rep.jpeg

Lilli Dookram

National Representative

Sophomore Early Childhood Education & Special Education major, Disabilities studies minor
Fun Fact: She is techinically a published author/playwright, since 6th grade, she has dyed her hair 12 times, 4 times in the senior year of high school

profile pic - Kylie Kenney.jpeg

Kylie Kenney


Senior Communications major with an Interpersonal Communication Concentration
Fun Fact: She graduated high school at 16 & transferred her sophomore year of college from the University of Arizona

5CE58EA8-420A-483A-8C7C-25DF7B93166E - Ciara Mbuakoto.jpeg

Ciara Mbuakoto

Corresponding Secretary

Sophomore Medical Diagnostics (Pre-PA) major

Fun Fact: Has watched Grey's Anatomy 4 times, she's never been stung by a bee

DE773CE6-E066-48E3-A4D4-E97E2F19369E - Maya Patel.jpeg

Maya Patel

Recording Secretary

Sophomore Cognitive Science major, Speech-Language Pathology concentration, Disabilities Studies & Human Development and Family Sciences Concentration
Fun Fact: She is a 3rd generation UD student, she has a face birthmark called Nevus of Ota

PRESIDENT: Lexi Franchi - gsspresident1@gmail.com
SERVICE VP: Amanda Radick - gammasigserviceVP@gmail.com
SERVICE AUDITOR: Grace Birmingham - gammasigserviceauditor@gmail.com
MEMBERSHIP VP: Gia Reilly - gssmitmoms@gmail.com 
MIT COORDINATOR: Kayla Eichelberger - gssmitmoms@gmail.com 
PR COORDINATOR: Kaitlin Sukhai - gsspublicrelations@gmail.com
UNITY CHAIR: Caitlin Velez - gammasigunity@gmail.com
SOCIAL COORDINATOR: Jennifer Michaels - gsssocialcoordinator@gmail.com
FINANCIAL SECRETARY: Evelyn Welsh - gssfinancialsec@gmail.com
TREASURER: Grace Cords - gammasigtreasurer@gmail.com
ALUMNI LIAISON: Liz Donnelly - gssbetagammaalumni@gmail.com
NATIONAL REP: Lilli Dookram - gssnationalrep@gmail.com
PARLIAMENTARIAN: - Kylie Kenney - gssparliamentarian@gmail.com
CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Ciara Mbuakoto - corrsecretary@gmail.com
RECORDING SECRETARY: Maya Patel - gammasigrecsec@gmail.com