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Growing Up With Gamma Sig

My life has been anything but consistent over the past year. Everything in my life has changed, my dreams, my hair, my social circles, my living situations, and the list goes on. There have only been a few consistent things in my life (except for change obviously), and one of them is Gamma Sig.

I joined Gamma Sig after not being super involved my first semester and after going on a service trip. It was that combination that lit a fire in me and wanted me to do more with my life. I didn’t want to sit around in my dorm room all day and not have any friends. Gamma Sig got me involved and it got me to grow up.

I come from a place that isn’t super diverse. My hometown is great, but nothing happens it and it was like I lived in this bubble of good. I am super fortunate and lucky to have had this upbringing, but I didn’t learn about the hardships of the real world until I entered college. I didn’t know how cruel the world could be until I was doing service to help people who aren’t lucky as I am.

My first ever project in Gamma Sig was the Soup Kitchen. Even to this day, I remember the impact the project had on me. Serving people food who needed it, hit a chord with me. It made want to call my entire family and thank them. At the time, it reaffirmed why I wanted to be in a service sorority in the first place. All so I can give back to my community.

Since that day, I’ve done a lot of service since. I have worked with and for multiple nonprofits and I’ve devoted a large part of my college career to giving back. Gamma Sig has given me a lot of opportunities to give back to those in need and I have taken a lot of them.

Additionally, I’ve met a lot of amazing people. I met people who I only want good things to happen to them. I’ve met people who are accepting, caring, down to earth, and who only see the best in people. These people have challenged me to become a better person of myself through a multitude of ways. Not only that, but they’ve helped me grow up and see the world in a mature, realistic, and most importantly hopeful way.

From the service to the sisters, Gamma Sig has helped me grow up a ton. The experiences this sorority has given me has made me mature in ways that I can’t even fathom and has given me a new sense of hope for the world.

My life may be inconsistent in every other aspect, but the one thing that has proven to be consistent time and time again is Gamma Sig. It has had not only a profound impact on me, but everyone who becomes a part of it. Gamma Sig has helped me grow into the woman I am today, and I am so grateful for that because I love who I am today.

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