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Top 10 Easy and Fun Sister Date Ideas

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

It’s the best time of year, the weather is sort of slowly warming up, there isn’t a lot of snow on the ground, and most importantly, its sister date season. Taking a new class (hi Beta Pis) means an increase in sister dates, and those are always fun. It’s a chance to get to know someone better and to possibly build a friendship. Whether or not you’re taking a big or a little, sister dates are always fun! However, sometimes there’s this pressure of not knowing what to do on a sister date. Here are 10 easy and fun ideas for a great sister date!

1. Dunkin on Main Street

This place has a special place in my heart. It’s where me and my big met, and we did our reveal there. It was so cute, and it will always be my favorite place to have a sister date, plus who doesn’t love Dunkin?

2. Unity Events

Unity starts with U and going to a unity event with someone really makes it more fun. It’s so easy to make a sister date out of it, and you can get your unity point for your penguin point check list. This marks off so many boxes, that it’s a no-brainer as a sister date idea.

3. At a Fundraiser!

You get service hours for going to fundraisers, if you spend 10 dollars or more! Why not go to the restaurant with someone, make a new friend, get an hour or 2, and have money go towards our philanthropy? It’s truly a winning scenario on all fronts.

4. Going on a project together

Going on projects is a great way to meet sisters. You guys are all doing something you love (service, duh) and you’re doing an activity so it can cut out any awkward silences that might naturally pop up when first meeting someone. After the project, you can hang out together and talk more. You get your hours, and you get to make a new friend, it’s a win-win situation.

5. Perkins

Perkins is always a go to since there’s a ton of places to sit and chat. There’s coffee, if you want or even food if you’re hungry. You might not want either of those things, and you can still talk and get to know a sister better.

6. Caesar Rodney (or any dining hall)

I get being on a budget, and constantly going out to eat can get expensive. Taking a sister to the dining hall on a sister is something that’s easy and fun. If they don’t have a dining plan, you can swipe them in as a guest and treat them to all of the amazing options that the dining halls have to offer. If anyone asks me on a sister date to the dining hall, you know I am going to be looking forward to it.

7. Trabant

Another great place to grab food and hang out. People are always in Trabant, and it’s such a convenient spot to get sit with someone on a sister date and hang out.

8. Roots

Roots is a personal favorite of mine on Main Street, and I just love their food so much. Also, so do a lot of people, so there’s nothing wrong with asking someone to grab a meal at roots.

(credits to Alli Kallok)

9. Hike at White Clay Creek

White Clay Creek is so close to campus, if you’re someone who likes being outdoors it’s a great way to get to know someone. You’re doing an activity that you both love, and you can talk about how much you love Gamma Sig! It’s also free to do, if you’re on a budget!

10. Drip Café

It’s a cute new place on North Main Street. It’s so close to North Campus that people who live in that area don’t have to walk 20 minutes, and it’s a fun. I genuinely love the food they have there.

There you have it, 10 fun and easy sister date ideas. Have fun getting to know each other!

(credits to Alli Kallok)

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