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Taking 17 Credits Is A Lot, But Fun When In Gamma Sig

Every semester I tell myself that I am not going to take 17 credits. Every semester I tell myself that this will be the last semester that I take 17 credits. Every semester I tell myself this, but I end up lying to myself.

Ever since joining Gamma Sig, I have been taking 17 credits and it is a lot. I have had plenty of late nights filled with homework, studying, and procrastinating. I have had plenty of moments when I am so stressed out studying for my 3 exams in one week. I have had plenty of moments when I call my mom asking her why I take 17 credits every semester. She never has the answers.

In reality, I know I need to take 17 credits every semester because of my major. Being an Earth Science Education major, I take 17 credits every semester so I can graduate on time and fulfill all of the requirements to graduate. This includes taking anywhere between 8-11 credits of science per semester, taking breadth requirements, and taking my education classes. I want to be a high school science teacher some day on the days when I am so stressed out, I know it will be worth it when I am teaching in front of classroom filled with students. I know that I will be having an impact on so many kids’ lives, and all of the knowledge that I have obtained while taking 17 credits will hopefully be apparent when I am teaching.

Even with this in the back of my mind all of the time, I still need a place to have fun. That’s why I love Gamma Sig. When I first found out about Gamma Sig, I knew it was the place where I belonged on campus. I found out about it during my spring semester of my freshman year at the club fair. I instantly clicked with all of the people at the booth, and I felt at home. That was one of the first times that I felt at home on campus. I joined that semester and I am a Beta Omicron. Since then not only have I flourished as a person, but I’ve made so many friendships in Gamma Sig that I am so grateful for.

Gamma Sig is filled with people who are all so kind, caring, and driven. It’s filled with people who are focused in school but love to have fun through giving back to their community. Going on service projects and having fun the entire time is my favorite part about Gamma Sig because it’s a great place to build friendships. There’s no other way that I would spend my Saturdays then with Gamma girls while on Adopt-a-Highway or Faithful Friends. Going to unity events and getting to know more sisters, especially when I was an MIT was my favorite thing in the world. It would take my mind off studying and I would have fun. Then when I got back to my dorm, I would feel refreshed and focused to take on whatever big exam I had that week. It’s because of these experiences that I have met so many great people.

An added bonus to Gamma Sig is that since it is so big there’s a big chance that either someone in it has taken the class or is in my class. This makes it easy to ask for help and to create study groups. It makes studying fun, and I get the chance of getting to know a new sister better. As well as then going to a fundraiser on Main Street to grab food thus making it a sister date afterwards.

Yes 17 credits can be stressful, trust me I know. However, Gamma Sig makes it doable and the stress manageable. If I wasn’t in Gamma Sig, I would not be able to manage the stress of taking a lot of science courses. I wouldn’t have made the friendships I’ve made, and I wouldn’t be where I am today. Being busy is one thing, but with Gamma Sig I’ve never felt busy because I am having fun. Whether it’s 3 hours on a project, 2 hours at Unity Event or 30 minutes on a sister date at Dunkin’, every moment that I spend with Gamma Sig is a good moment, and is time well spent.

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