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Pro Tip: Go To Professor’s Office Hours

I am about to drop some flaming hot knowledge on everyone in Gamma Sig and the WORLD. Haha, I am kidding, but one thing I’ve learned in college is the beauty in going to my professor’s office hours. Basically, everyone should do it because it will help out a lot in so many aspects.

Last semester, I took a really hard class known as Geochemistry. When I say it was the hardest class of my life, I am not exaggerating. I would spend over 40 hours sometimes struggling through the homework. After I get stuck, I would stress out and I would email my professor (who is the greatest of all time) asking to go to his office hours. This would be an almost daily occurrence around the times we had homework due.

There was always homework due and the class was hard. Not only that, but the once a week 3-hour lecture hindered the ability to have a good amount of practice time, learning time, and processing time. The content in this class wasn’t easy and sometimes you needed the time to breakdown and digest everything before practicing it.

The professor was so accommodating and understanding of this need for all of his students, but he couldn’t do a lot beyond his capabilities of holding lecture from 6-9 on Monday nights. This component added to the difficulty because there was little time process the content while in class. There were some days where after lecture, I would go back to my dorm and my brain would feel like it was all mush. Not only was I exhausted from the day of classes I had, but I was intellectually drained from the content.

When there were these moments of deflated-ness, I emailed my professor and worked with him outside of class. There were weeks where I probably spent over 20 hours in his office either doing homework with him or trying to understand the content. As a result, I built an amazing relationship with him.

This professor saw my effort and saw my dedication to his class. We worked together relentlessly to make sure that I could be successful in this class. I ended up getting an A and that is solely because of my professor.

Yes, this professor is hands down one of the best professors ever, but he’s not alone in wanting to help students through his office hours. A lot of professors want to help and that is why they hold office hours. Going to these hours is the most effective and efficient way to build a relationship with your professor, so you can get a letter of recommendation from them, and it’s a great way to get individualized help so you can learn the content better. I got an A in this class because of that and I know this can happen for anyone else who does this.

Even if you’re not struggling in a class, if you’re interested in a class and you like the content go to office hours. Who knows maybe there’s an opportunity to do research with the professor? Who knows maybe this professor can become someone you network with when you’re older? Finally, maybe this professor can become a mentor someday like mine did for me.

You never know and going to office hours can only lead to good things. That’s why it’s straightforward and you should go to them!

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