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Cape By the Ocean - Gill Zucker's Favorite Service Project!

Gill Zucker talks about how Gamma Sigma Sigma's service project to Cape Henlopen has shaped her experience as a sister!

At MIT info sessions, unity events and in chatting with fellow Gamma Sig sisters, I’m always asked what my favorite service project is. Every time, I say with full confidence: “Our weekend service retreat to Cape Henlopen State Park!” That’s because three years ago, as a young and impressionable freshman Beta Mu who was still finding her way in the organization, I went on the trip and met my forever friends while jamming to Hamilton the Musical on the car ride down, making tacos for dinner, laughing at our newly-created inside jokes, visiting the beach, and most importantly, losing ourselves in the spirit of service (shoutout to the Cape Crew!!!!).

I had such an unforgettable time that I decided to serve on the Cape Committee for the recent trip from Friday, April 13th to Saturday, April 14th. I wanted to make Cape as amazing for the MITs and sisters this semester as it was for me my freshman year. Our Service Vice President, Katie Silver, planned for all 15 girls on the trip to dedicate six hours of service painting the Fishing Pier Bathhouse at the Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, Delaware. As one of five dedicated committee members, we planned out what snacks we would bring on the trip (very important) as well as our free-time activities! Then, it was time to go and experience the best trip of the year.

Just as I had done during my freshman year, I drove down to Cape Henlopen with a car filled with incredible, passionate and hilarious sisters, and MITs (shoutout to Car 2!!!!). We all bonded instantly and stopped by the World War II Lookout Tower to share the beautiful sunset view as sister friends. When we joined the rest of the group shortly after, we all made the classic campfire treat of S’mores, joked about vine references, and went around saying our favorite quality about ourselves - it was super wholesome but also extremely fun! By the next day when it was time for our service project, we were all buddies and paired up to complete the project with enough time to enjoy the rest of the sunny day at Rehoboth Beach before heading back to campus!

Taylor Kilgerman, Gill Zucker, Hope Vega, Julia Lowndes, Rebecca Woodward, Nicole Panzitta, Melissa Langer and Sharon Ndi enjoying the beach at Cape Henlopen.

I highly recommend that all sisters take the opportunity to volunteer and bond with sisters on the Cape trip! They can sign up in the fall or spring to have the time of their lives! Honestly, what’s better than a weekend away with your sisters?

All work and photographs are credited to Gill Zucker.

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