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A Fantastic Founders Day!!

Founders Day has come and gone for the sisters and it was so much fun! First off, shout out to Jordan Heydt for doing an amazing job; it was perfect. Having this be my first Founder’s Day, I thought I’d share my experience with it.

Before Founders Day happened, there was an optional photoshoot. The wonderful alumnus Gaby Castillo took pictures for the sisters and she did a spectacular job. Literally everyone looked so cute, and a lot of sisters wore maroon, white, and denim.

People were taking fam pictures, and I loved how everyone matched. It was so much fun. Leaves were thrown, cartwheels were happening, photos were taken, and the moments were priceless.

Then, the main event of Founders Day began. I am not one to be speechless, but I truly was after this event. First Jordan introduced the activities that people could do while at their tables. This included putting leaves on a tree. The leaves were filled with all of the things that we love about Gamma Sig. The goal was to have a tree of Gamma Love and it was a brilliant idea.

Then we learned a bit about our philanthropy, and we heard from the leader of the Curvy Girls Chapter in Delaware. This is where I became speechless for the first time in my life. Curvy Girls is a nonprofit where it empowers girls with scoliosis through support. It’s about increasing the support for young girls who have scoliosis. We heard from their leader, Kate, and it was during her speech where I lost words.

Kate is 12 years old, and she talked about her journey with scoliosis. Her speech was so impactful that everyone in the room was in awe. Her story reminded us of why we do what we do. It reinforced the reason why I am in Gamma Sig and why I want to raise money for the organizations that Gamma Sig partners with.

People like Kate remind us of the impact Gamma Sig makes in our community. I find that in the midst of all the chaos, it’s easy to forget why we do service. It’s easy to focus on reaching the 25 hours of required service and forget the impact we have doing projects. Service is genuinely about doing good for our community. I love that Gamma Sig is about service and building genuine friendships because it gives me hope for humanity.

After this moving speech, we learned about the history of Gamma Sig. Talking about Gamma Sig and how it was founded with the purpose to build friendships amongst people with different races through service on college campuses was inspiring. Especially since Gamma Sig has been around 1952 and at the time that was a revolutionary thought. I love that I am part of an organization that has always been dedicated to changing the world.

Then we ate brunch and took more Instagram-worthy pictures. The food was delicious, particularly the potatoes and grapes. I loved those foods.

Afterwards we took more pictures and I just want to say that Gaby was a genius with how she posed the exec board for their picture. It truly was iconic. Girl bosses ALL the way.

Thus, Founders Day was a massive success. It was so much fun and shout out again to Jordan Heydt for doing an amazing job planning the whole thing. Until next week everyone, gamma love!

Katie DeBois

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